Quick Wash Action Upgrade - SUVs

Quick Wash Action Upgrade - SUVs

  • $274.98

  • Includes premium and professional grade soap.
  • Spray on using a foam cannon to ensure the best application.
  • Hand washed thoroughly.
  • Interior vacuumed.
  • Quick wipe down of the interior. 
  • Windows and mirrors cleaned. 
  • Rims and tires cleaned thoroughly.
  • Trunk vacuumed. 
  • Clean door jambs and seals.
  • Clean trunk jamb.
  • Gas lid cleaning.
  • Wheel wells cleaned. 
  • Tire shine application.


  • Wax Application
  • Paint Decontamination using Clay Bar treatment, Paint decontamination cleans the vehicle’s paint of any bonded material leaving your vehicle with a smooth to the touch finish. This allows the Wax/Sealant to bond properly to ensure the best paint protection and results.